Habnix LLC
40 Hillcrest Village W. #c3, Niskayuna, New York 12309

HABNIX LLC is corporation filed with the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The DOS ID is 3743573. The business entity is incorporated in Schenectady County. The entity type is DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. The initial DOS filing date is 11/17/2008. The address is 40 Hillcrest Village W. #c3, Niskayuna, New York 12309. The city is Niskayuna, New York. The zip code is 12309.

Habnix LLC · 40 Hillcrest Village W. #c3, Niskayuna, New York 12309

Department of State (DOS) ID 3743573
Current Entity Name HABNIX LLC
County Incorporated SCHENECTADY
Jurisdiction State or Country NEW YORK
Initial DOS Filing Date 11/17/2008
DOS Process Address YASAR HABIB
NEW YORK 12309

Zip 12309 · NYS Corporation

DOS ID Business Entity Name Address
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