Visco's Vley Rd Pizzeria
149 Vley Road, Scotia, NY 12302

VISCO'S VLEY RD PIZZERIA is Food Service Establishment - Restaurant inspected by New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). The permit expiration date is 06/30/2018. The address is 149 Vley Road, Scotia, NY 12302.

Visco's Vley Rd Pizzeria · 149 Vley Road, Scotia, NY 12302

NYS Health Operation ID 305720
Food Service Description Food Service Establishment - Restaurant
Address 149 VLEY ROAD
NY 12302
County Schenectady
Municipality GLENVILLE
Local Health Department Schenectady County
Permit Expiration Date 06/30/2018
Permitted Corporation Name VISCO'S VLEY ROAD PIZZERIA, INC.
Permitted Operator Name VISCO, PATRICIA

Inspection · Visco's Vley Rd Pizzeria

Last Inspected 2018-02-15
Inspection Type Inspection
Total Critical Violations 1
Total Noncritical Violations 9
Violations Item 5B- Critical Violation [RED] Potentially hazardous foods are not cooled by an approved method where the food temperature can be reduced from 120oF to 70oF or less within two hours and 70oF to 45oF within four hours.
Item 8A- Food not protected during storage, preparation, display, transportation and service, from potential sources of contamination (e.g., food uncovered, mislabeled, stored on floor, missing or inadequate sneeze guards, food containers double stacked)
Item 8E- Accurate thermometers not available or used to evaluate refrigerated or heated storage temperatures
Item 9B- Tobacco is used
eating, drinking in food preparation, dishwashing food storage areas
Item 10B- Non-food contact surfaces and equipment are improperly designed, constructed, installed, maintained (equipment not readily accessible for cleaning, surface not smooth finish)
Item 11C- Food contact surfaces not washed, rinsed and sanitized after each use and following any time of operations when contamination may have occurred
Item 12D- Toilet facilities inadequate, inconvenient, dirty, in disrepair, toilet paper missing, not self-closing doors, missing hand wash signs
Item 12E- Handwashing facilities inaccessible, improperly located, dirty, in disrepair, improper fixtures, soap, and single service towels or hand drying devices missing
Item 15B- Lighting and ventilation inadequate, fixtures not shielded, dirty ventilation hoods, ductwork, filters, exhaust fans;

Zip 12302 · Food Service Establishment - Restaurant · NYS Food Inspection

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