Familia Pizza 2
1392 Noxon Road, Lagrange, NY 12540

FAMILIA PIZZA 2 is Food Service Establishment inspected by New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). The permit expiration date is 04/30/2018. The address is 1392 Noxon Road, Lagrange, NY 12540.

Familia Pizza 2 · 1392 Noxon Road, Lagrange, NY 12540

NYS Health Operation ID 955545
Operation Name FAMILIA PIZZA 2
Food Service Description Food Service Establishment
Address 1392 NOXON ROAD
NY 12540
County Dutchess
Municipality LAGRANGE
Local Health Department Dutchess County
Permit Expiration Date 04/30/2018
Permitted Corporation Name FAMILIA PIZZA, INC.
Permitted Operator Name SHABANAJ, AGRON

Inspection · Familia Pizza 2

Last Inspected 05/04/2017
Inspection Type Inspection
Inspection Comments Discussed need for waiver from hot hold which is required for pizza (not plain cheese or pepperoni cheese pizza) and provided application, with which to apply, including sample chart for tracking time each food item had finished cooking and discard time 4 hours later. Note : facility operates daily (not friday) from 5pm to 8pm only which does not prevent the need for this "waiver" form hot hold application. Also discussed: hand contact, sick food workers, and sanitizer use including recipe and contact time. This concession stand has all of its pizza prepared just prior to opening each work day here at the ballfield from the (pre) existing "Familia Pizza" where it is then delivered hot, not hot held but reheated quickly in on site oven, for each order. Buffalo chicken, chicken bacon and ranch, pepperoni, and plain cheese pizzas available for today. When and if more pizza is needed, the Familia Pizza will be called and have it delivered, cook and serve Upright reach in cooler with garlic knots and canned beverages at 40 degrees ambient

Zip 12540 · NYS Food Inspection

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