Residence · Spill Number #1305947
29 Bliss Street, Patchogue, Suffolk, NY

RESIDENCE (Spill Number #1305947) is spill incident happened on 09/05/2013. The location is 29 Bliss Street, Patchogue, Suffolk, NY. The locality is PATCHOGUE.

Residence · 29 Bliss Street, Patchogue, Suffolk, NY

Spill Number 1305947
Program Facility Name RESIDENCE
County Suffolk
SWIS Code 5222
DEC Region 1
Spill Date 09/05/2013
Received Date 09/05/2013
Close Date 10/18/2013
Contributing Factor Equipment Failure
Source Private Dwelling
Material Name #2 fuel oil
Material Family Petroleum
Spill Quantity 130 Gallons

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