Cumberland Farms · Spill Number #1405407
5556 Express Drive South, Holtsville, Suffolk, NY 11742

CUMBERLAND FARMS (Spill Number #1405407) is spill incident happened on 08/18/2014. The location is 5556 Express Drive South, Holtsville, Suffolk, NY 11742. The locality is HOLTSVILLE.

Cumberland Farms · 5556 Express Drive South, Holtsville, Suffolk, NY 11742

Spill Number 1405407
Program Facility Name CUMBERLAND FARMS
HOLTSVILLE, Suffolk, NY 11742
County Suffolk
SWIS Code 5222
DEC Region 1
Spill Date 08/18/2014
Received Date 08/18/2014
Close Date 03/19/2015
Contributing Factor Equipment Failure
Source Gasoline Station or other PBS Facility
Material Name gasoline
Material Family Petroleum
Spill Quantity 25 Gallons

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