Construction Site · Spill Number #1605274
Between 4492 & 4554 West Sally Dr, Bativa, Genesee, NY

CONSTRUCTION SITE (Spill Number #1605274) is spill incident happened on 08/23/2016. The location is Between 4492 & 4554 West Sally Dr, Bativa, Genesee, NY. The locality is BATIVA.

Construction Site · Between 4492 & 4554 West Sally Dr, Bativa, Genesee, NY

Spill Number 1605274
Program Facility Name CONSTRUCTION SITE
Address BETWEEN 4492 & 4554 WEST SALLY DR
BATIVA, Genesee, NY
County Genesee
SWIS Code 1924
DEC Region 8
Spill Date 08/23/2016
Received Date 08/23/2016
Close Date 08/25/2016
Contributing Factor Housekeeping
Source Commercial Vehicle
Material Name diesel
Material Family Petroleum

Genesee · NYS Spill Incident

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