Walsh Residence · Spill Number #1611554
460 Pennsylvania Avenue, Freeport, Nassau, NY

WALSH RESIDENCE (Spill Number #1611554) is spill incident happened on 03/28/2017. The location is 460 Pennsylvania Avenue, Freeport, Nassau, NY. The locality is FREEPORT.

Walsh Residence · 460 Pennsylvania Avenue, Freeport, Nassau, NY

Spill Number 1611554
Program Facility Name WALSH RESIDENCE
County Nassau
SWIS Code 3020
DEC Region 1
Spill Date 03/28/2017
Received Date 03/28/2017
Close Date 05/11/2017
Contributing Factor Equipment Failure
Source Private Dwelling
Material Name #2 fuel oil
Material Family Petroleum
Spill Quantity 0.25 Gallons

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