Devo Food Corp
49 E Mount Eden Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452

DEVO FOOD CORP is licensed liquor authority in the county of BRONX, licensed by New York State State Liquor Authority (NYSSLA). The license number is 1001404. The license type is GROCERY BEER, WINE PROD (class code 122, type code AX). The address is 49 E Mount Eden Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452.

Devo Food Corp · 49 E Mount Eden Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452

License Serial Number 1001404
(Class Code 122, Type Code AX)
NY 10452
County BRONX
Agency Zone Office Name New York
Agency Zone Office Number 1
License Certificate Number 862036
License Effective Date 2014-10-16
License Expiration Date 2017-09-30

Zip 10452 · Grocery Beer, Wine Prod · NYS Liquor Authority License

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